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Versus | H2O
Modern Warfare 3 Teams (PS3)
Team ID: 945
Joined: 05/01/2012
War Light   
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www.pmsclan.com Official NA Smalls Team. Up & Coming CoD AM Team. PS3. Sponsored by: @Clanwarz @splitreason_com & http://www.sapphiretech.com

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     Preferred Maps: GB/Decerto Maps
     Preferred Game Mode: S&D / CTF
     Preferred Game Settings: GB / Decerto Ruleset
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Vs qlvr (Online ID:1950)
EXP Points: 0
Overall Rank: 1951
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Join Date: May 01, 2012
Vs thecape (Online ID:1952)
EXP Points: 0
Overall Rank: 1953
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Join Date: May 01, 2012
Vs galm (Online ID:1953)
EXP Points: 0
Overall Rank: 1954
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Join Date: May 02, 2012
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